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Beat the Heat and Meet Your Neighbors: Riverwood’s Annual Pool Party is This Saturday!

Are you the kind of person who has found it difficult this summer to make time to simply lounge by the pool and just enjoy yourself? Do you keep telling yourself that this will be the weekend you spend at the pool and yet, somehow, Sunday comes around and you haven’t even pulled your bathing suit out of the drawer? If ever there was a time to make the most of summer, it is this weekend! That’s because this weekend […]

Upcoming Riverwood Swim Clinics

Swimming is an excellent way for kids and teens to stay active.  Since Riverwood Aquatics offers year round swimming, there are always swim lessons and clinics available. Here’s what’s coming up for February – May: February Stroke Clinic: Saturday, February 1  9-10am Endurance Clinic: Saturday, February 15 9-10 am March Stroke Clinic: Saturday, March 1 9-10 am Endurance Clinic: Saturday, March 15 9-10am Stroke Clinic: Saturday, March 29 9-10am April Endurance Clinic: Saturday, April 12 9-10am May Endurance Clinic: Saturday, May 10 9-10am What You Need To […]