Town of Clayton Notice

Violation of 99.025 of the Town of Clayton’s Unified Development Code – Stakes located in the Town’s right of way.

Pursuant to our conversation re: stakes/bollards and obstructions placed within the Town’s right-of-way, pleased be advised that these obstructions used to restrict parking
in the swales is not permitted.

Section 99.025 of the Town of Clayton’s Unified Development Code states that “no person shall obstruct any street or sidewalk of the town by placing or exposing there on any boxes, merchandise, or other things; … ”

In order to come into compliance, yards throughout Riverwood Athletic Club that have stakes/bollards and obstructions within our right-of-way must remove them.

These stakes/bollards and obstructions need to be removed no later than close of business on April 17, 2017. Property owners who fail to remove them will incur daily penalties under Section 10.99 of the Town of Clayton’s UDC, which begin at $50.00 a day.

Thank you for your cooperation and let me know if you need any additional information.

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