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Riverwood Streets Set to Get Final Paving

RIVERWOOD FINAL PAVING The Fred Smith Company is scheduled to complete final paving of several streets in Riverwood Athletic Club. The Town of Clayton is helping spread the word. Now through June 14th – Patchwork June 14 through July 6th – Curb repairs and manhole adjustments July 7th through July 18th – paving and laying down of final layer of asphalt The dates above are very weather dependent and subject to change. CLICK HERE OR ON THE MAP TO ZOOM IN […]

Town of Clayton Notice

Violation of 99.025 of the Town of Clayton’s Unified Development Code – Stakes located in the Town’s right of way. Pursuant to our conversation re: stakes/bollards and obstructions placed within the Town’s right-of-way, pleased be advised that these obstructions used to restrict parking in the swales is not permitted. Section 99.025 of the Town of Clayton’s Unified Development Code states that “no person shall obstruct any street or sidewalk of the town by placing or exposing there on any boxes, […]

Riverwood’s Family Bingo Night Is Happening Tomorrow

Bingo Is Coming! Don’t forget about bingo night tomorrow! It’ll take place at the Riverwood Middle School Cafeteria (right next to the Riverwood Athletic Club) on Friday, September 27 starting at 7 p.m.  Hope you can make it!   We’ll make sure to post a follow up of the event, too!