The Fred Smith Company is scheduled to complete final paving of several streets in Riverwood Athletic Club.
The Town of Clayton is helping spread the word.

Now through June 14th – Patchwork
June 14 through July 6th – Curb repairs and manhole adjustments
July 7th through July 18th – paving and laying down of final layer of asphalt

The dates above are very weather dependent and subject to change.


  • Manning Drive
  • Payton Drive
  • Pearson Place
  • Nelson Lane
  • Faldo Ridge
  • Boswell Lane
  • Charleston Drive
  • Cunningham Lane
  • Stansbury Lane

There will be inconveniences associated with this paving project, but the contractor hopes to work as quickly and safely as possible to leave you with new, smooth streets in Riverwood.

Work on from Wednesday, June 14th will involve adjusting manholes and valve covers. This work must be done prior to paving. The equipment can be noisy and the process involves an odor. Milling involves removing at least part of the paved surface of the street.

Waste Management, your solid waste collector through June 30th, has been advised and the contractor should work with them to ensure your waste is collected. On July 1st, the Town switches to All Star Waste and everyone’s service day in Riverwood moves to Wednesday pick-up for garbage, recycling and yard water. All Star has been made away of the road work and will work to accommodate all customers. Please call All Star at 919-989-1562 if you have been missed during the paving work.

From July 7-18th, please ensure that you do not park ON-STREET until after 5 p.m.   The crews will not be able to lay down asphalt if cars are parked on the street during the day.  If your car can be moved by 8 am that will help ensure this work is completed as quickly as possible.

If paving is occurring immediately in front of your home, you may not be able to get in or out of your driveway right away.  Please alert the crews and they will work to give you access as quickly and safely as possible.

The asphalt should be drivable almost immediately after being poured, but please allow the road time to harden. The tar-like substance being placed down can stick to tires if driven over or shoes if stepped on. It will track and stain driveways or floors if driven or walked on immediately. If you’re not sure whether the patching is hardened or still wet, please stay off.

Thanks for your patience as Fred Smith Company completes this long-awaited work.  If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to reach out to info@TownofClaytonNC.org or call 919-358-0348.